State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says he’s “working” on releasing the results of an internal investigation into allegations he sexually harassed a former employee and forced that employee to do campaign work on state time.  Rutherford was asked why he didn’t release the results of the investigation – after promising he would – by a panelist during a debate in Springfield involving all four Republican candidates running for governor. The treasurer says he wants to get it out there but that his lawyers are advising against it, and he’s following that advice.

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Rutherford says he hasn’t seen the report, which was paid for with taxpayer dollars, and doesn’t want to see it – which prompted one reporter to question if Rutherford thought the findings were good or bad.  “I don’t know for sure but I have no problem with whatever it says,” said Rutherford. “I want it released.”  Rutherford also says he’s not afraid of whatever the results of the investigation turn out to be.
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