Illinois Governor Pat QuinnRepublican governor candidate Bruce Rauner says Gov. Pat Quinn is “the big taxer.”  Quinn says he’s being responsible.  It’s true that Quinn wants to keep the income tax rate at 5 percent, while Rauner wants it to drop eventually to 3 percent.  But Quinn says he has made hard decisions on spending, decisions he thinks Rauner would not make.
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“We’ve cut over $5 billion in state expenditures since I’ve been governor.  We’ve had to close facilities.  I noticed he went down to Southern Illinois and said keep the facilities open.  I don’t think that’s the way to go if you’re going to tighten your belt,” Quinn said.  The particular facility that Quinn is closing that Rauner said he wanted to keep open is the Murray Developmental Center in Centralia.  Despite the cuts Quinn mentioned, the state budget has gotten bigger during the Quinn years because of the billions the state is putting into pensions that it should have allocated in the past but didn’t.  Quinn said the Rauner tax proposal would blow a hole in the budget to the tune of $8 billion.
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