The Republican nominee for governor says voting him in – and voting incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn out – is not enough.  “Term limits can force all the folks inside the government out after eight years,” said Bruce Rauner, displaying 591,000 signatures boxed up and forming a 36-foot-long line inside a Springfield warehouse today. “The total legislature has to leave after eight years.”
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Rauner is behind a ballot initiative, which – provided it gets onto the ballot – will give Illinois voters a chance to determine the legislative term-limit question. But the proposed constitutional amendment would do two other things: raise the threshold for overriding a governor's veto from three-fifths to two-thirds; and change the makeup of the General Assembly from 118 House members and 59 senators (2:1) to 123 and 41, respectively, making the ratio 3 to 1.
House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago), asked about Rauner's plan later today, said it was part of the Republican campaign of “reaction” but would not say what he would do to fight it, if anything.
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