A Public Safety Tax that could generate between $500,000 and $800,000 annually for public safety purposes like crime prevention, detention, police and other emergency services will be considered by Macoupin County voters in April.  The County Board approved an ordinance to put the proposal to the public at its meeting earlier this week.  It passed by a vote of 10-8.

County Board Chairman Mark Dragovich says if voters approve the 0.75 percent hike on local sales taxes, that would only get the Macoupin County rate to 7%, which is lower than many of its neighbors.

Dragovich comments

The tax would not affect purchases of such things as groceries, medicines or cars.  He says it would cost the average Macoupin County resident about 33 cents per week.  Recognizing there will be questions about this proposal, Dragovich plans to put more information up on the county's website, and possibly hold some public meetings before voters go to the polls in a few months.

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