The case of an 11-year old Troy girl who had her homemade cupcake business shut down by the Madison County Health Department last month could result in a change in state law.   Republican State Representative Charlie Meier of Okawville says he’ll introduce legislation that would allow for leeway when it comes to some homemade food.

A newspaper feature in January brought plenty of positive attention to Chloe Stirling’s business at her family home, but it also lead to a call by the health department because she was not following rules regarding home kitchen operation.  Meier says he understands the need for the law, but also believes government should be less restrictive:


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Meier’s bill would amend the Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act that would allow people like Chloe to continue her business on a limited basis provided she notifies her customers that she is cooking in a non-inspected kitchen.   It would also allow less regulation of churches and other charities to hold bake sales and be within the law.   Stirling’s family says they understand the need for the rules and the story has been a good lesson for a future business owner.


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