Lawmakers are praising the efforts of an eleven-year-old baker whose business was shut down by the Madison County Health Department.  Some members of the Illinois House are trying to pass a bill that would put Chloe Stirling back in business, by stripping some of the regulations for people who bake in their homes or churches.  A House committee cleared that bill on Wednesday.

It would strip the Department of Public Health and County Health Departments of the ability to regulate foods that are made in a home kitchen, even when the kitchen hasn’t been inspected.  Madison County Health Department administrator Toni Corona says rules are rules, no matter how old a person is.

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People from all over the nation have stepped up on Chloe’s behalf, including Celebrity Chef Rachel Ray, who donated kitchen supplies for her to use once she’s back in business.  And, a construction company in Chloe’s area offered to build her a new kitchen. 

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