More politicians are weighing in on the Obama presidential library, and state support of it.  U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says it would be a boon to wherever it’s located, and the state should support it – but he isn’t sure about the $100 million figure that’s under consideration in Springfield.  He says the president has not assured him that the museum will be located in Chicago.
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“He hasn’t given me any insight into where the location will be. I think Chicago is the natural location, but let’s make sure that we invest in it, that it is a world-class institution library, and I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised at what it will do for the area where it’s built, as well as for the local economy,” he said this (Friday) morning in Chicago.
Gov. Pat Quinn says state support is “something worth exploring,” but he isn’t endorsing the $100 million figure either. “Working with private donations, I’m open-minded certainly to our state making an investment if it creates economic growth and jobs for a long time,” he said Thursday in Collinsville.
The Illinois House Executive Committee, after hearing only from witnesses in favor of the museum and the state contribution, voted to approve it. However, the procedural propriety of that vote has been called into question, so a re-vote will take place next week.
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