A sinkhole at Alton Middle School keeps growing, and with more rain in the forecast this week, area homeowners are bracing for more flooding.  The pavement has collapsed in a section of what was once known as the back pit when it was Alton High School.  The question is not one of who should fix it, but who is responsible for paying for it.

The hole is apparently the result of a culvert that collapsed under the pavement.  Alton Public Works Director Bob Barnhart says he is familiar with a similar case from when he ran a construction company before coming to work for the city.  A culvert collapsed under a home of a citizen in town, and was told by the city that he would have to pay for it out of his own pocket.

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Barnhart says the time for passing the buck is over, and this must be fixed.  He expects that to happen before winter. 

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