Someday soon, cars will drive themselves. This is according to Kristi Lafleur, director of the Illinois Tollway, who says as the system’s roads are re-built, the infrastructure, in terms of fiber optic cables, is being installed to accommodate this.

“We’ve all seen those commercials where cars can actually sense danger before the driver does and respond to it. Well, now national experts expect that driverless cars may be the norm on our roadways as soon as 2030. We’re gonna be ready,” she said.


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In the nearer future, Lafleur says, will be technology in the road that overrides the driver and makes the car slow down, stop or swerve to avoid a crash.

Also coming is an opportunity for tollway users to pay their tolls on their phones, and place those in the windshield under toll gantries instead of having to have an I-Pass transponder.

Toll collection on the Illinois Tollway system is now 86 percent electronic.

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