A state audit of Southern Illinois University has found it lacking in some areas: too few computers in Carbondale and Edwardsville, and too few special-needs children in East St Louis. The audit says SIU needs to improve its accounting and inventory practices, as 257 computers are unaccounted for, a majority of those on the Carbondale campus. SIU-C spokesman Rod Sievers says, “Well, I think it's important to note that there are more than fifteen thousand computers on campus, of different age, of different vintage. Not that that excuses anything, but (192) computers is a very small percentage of the total number of computers on campus.”

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As for a Head Start SIU-Edwardsville runs in East St Louis, the special-needs enrollment fell short of a ten percent federal guideline. The audit says that enrollment was only four percent, and the university missed a deadline to apply for a waiver. “SIU-E works with the schools in the St Clair area as the schools do the screening for the children with disabilities,” says Edwardsville spokesman Doug McIlhagga. “We are working with those schools to get that screening gets done sooner, so if we cannot meet that requirement, the waiver gets in on time. However, at this point, the enrollment of children with disabilities is up, and we expect to reach that enrollment figure for this year.”

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