The annual report is out from the part of the University of Illinois which tries to contribute to the public dialogue, debate, and discourse. The Illinois Report from the Institute of Government and Public Affairs details the expeced “fiscal cliff” in the state, with the scheduled expiration of the five percent income tax rate.

“We will be in deficit every year, as far as the eye can see,” if the income tax reverts to 3.75 percent, says IGPA director Chris Mooney, “and by 2025 we will be in deficit by $12 billion a year, which is, obviously, an impossibly unsustainable situation.”


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The report is, in part, intended as a communication to lawmakers. It is available online as well as in magazine format.

There is diversity in a couple of public health concerns in this year's report, including the problem of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in Illinois. “It's got cultural overtones, it's got socioeconomic overtones,” Mooney says. “While it may not be a front-page issue, it may be thought of as a chronic, long-term seeming issue and is vitally important, obviously, to new parents.” The author of the SIDS piece is on IGPA staff and an expert in the field.

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