Imagine this: a giant chunk of bridge falling on your children's school bus, with your children in it, killing your children.  That sounds harsh, but Illinois construction interests – both labor and management – stood with a bus made to look as if it had been crushed by a falling bridge to drive home the point that if Congress does not act to bolster the Highway Trust Fund, your children could die.
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“Washington’s failure to adequately fund repairs to our aging network of roads and bridges not only puts men and women out of a job,” says Associated General Contractors of Illinois executive director Bill Frey, “it also endangers people’s lives: your lives, and our most precious asset, our children's lives.”
The Laborers International Union of North America is sending the piece of stagecraft on a national tour – including Springfield Monday – to promote the cause. Reporters were initially told they would see a bus crushed by a fallen bridge and were told later it was a prop. Asked if the fact that the bus was not really in such an accident would dilute the message, Laborers spokesman Sean Stott said, “What we're talking about here is not beyond the realm of possibility.”
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