An emergency – man-made, natural, or technological – could be here in five minutes or less.  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the first campus in the state designated Ready to Respond by the state’s Emergency Management Agency. From the campus police, Lt. Todd Short employs all-hazard planning.  “We do not advocate having an active shooter plan, or a tornado plan, or a hazardous materials plan,” Short says.
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“What we want to do is make sure the people in our buildings know how to evacuate; or, if they can’t evacuate, how to shelter themselves in place.” Those two principles, Short says, are the most important things in any emergency.  Short says you can’t guarantee nothing bad will happen, and you’re still more likely to get hit by a car than be a victim of a school shooter. You need to look both ways before you cross the street just as much as you need to prepare for a tornado or a gunman.
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