The traffic enforcement effort that accompanies many holiday weekends is now under way.  Police from 320 departments around Illinois will have stepped-up patrols. “The Illinois State Police and law enforcement partners across the state of Illinois will enforce traffic violations, but will take a strong look four different offenses: Speeding, DUIs, seat belts and distracted driving,” says Lt. Michael Witt of the State Police.
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The effort will involve roadside safety checks and seat belt enforcement zones.  Cops are also not going to overlook illegal fireworks and firearms violations if they see them, Witt says.  Over the Independence Day holiday period last year, 18 people were killed in car crashes in Illinois. In one-third of them, alcohol was involved.  Michael Witter, regional administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, says DUI comes with a price tag in addition to possible jail time and possible death or injury to oneself or others: $16,000 is the average in Illinois for fines, lawyer’s fees, increased insurance rates, towing costs and other costs.
The enforcement effort runs through midnight Sunday.
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