We've been hearing about how state lawmakers have been considering spending $100 million in state money for an Obama Presidential Library.  Several Chicago locations are competing, along with sites in New York and Hawaii.  If the Obama center becomes reality in Chicago, it'll be a complement to the city's other tourist attractions – and no competitor to the Lincoln museum and other attractions in Springfield – according to the Illinois Department of Economic Opportunity.
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Spokesman Dave Roeder says, “If you're going to the Obama museum in Chicago, you might couple it with something else, like a trip to Wrigley Field (or) a trip to local theater.”  The Springfield tourism market, Roeder says, is a different animal, in which you can immerse yourself in the life of Lincoln, which may include a trip to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.
A recent Chicago Tribune story compared the decade-old Lincoln museum unfavorably to newer attractions for former presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.  However, Roeder says, the three attractions are probably not competing for much of the very same audience.
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