The Madison County Jail is still slated for upgrades, but how to do it is being re-thought after voters this spring shot down a bond issue that would have provided the $18-million to do it all at once.  The Madison County Jail is becoming a money pit, according to county officials, and needs major repairs.  Much of the electrical and plumbing has been in there since the original facility was built in 1980.


Madison County Administrator Joe Parente says the architect that drew up the original plans for the renovations needs to be brought back to see how they can best move forward.  Parente says they will then put together a list and prioritize the most urgent needs.


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Architects say renovations would make the building more efficient to heat and cool, and water and sewer upgrades are on the list due to corrosion of the pipes.  Electrical items are said to fail on a regular basis, and replacement parts are not readily available due to the age of the equipment.


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