Hearings began Wednesday on the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, but explosive testimony is probably not in the cards.A state lawmaker took the stage Wednesday morning on the issue of whether to proceed with a hearing into the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.
That lawmaker is State Rep. Scott Drury (D-Highwood), who is a former assistant U.S. attorney. He was asked by Democrats on the Legislative Audit Commission to address the question of whether the commission should go on with its hearing, in light of a request from the U.S. attorney in Springfield that they do not. His answer: No.
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“Assuming that the goal of this commission and its members is to find out what happened with the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, partisan politics and politics generally, must be put aside in favor of a search for the truth. History has shown that the federal government is best equipped to find out that truth,” he said.
The commission is proceeding anyway. It appears that witnesses will not be providing testimony, but they may be providing documents.
The Neighborhood Recovery Initiative is the $55 million anti-crime program the governor put together in 2010 which the state auditor general has criticized as badly run, and which Republicans claim the governor used as a political slush fund.
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