Are you in favor of Governor Quinn's proposal to leave the state income tax at 5% (instead of rolling it back to 3.75%) in exchange for meaningful property tax relief?


Yes - 17%                                                 

No - 83%                                          


Do you believe corporations (such as Hobby Lobby) should be able to claim the same exemptions from federal mandates which are available to religious organizations?


Yes - 50%                                                  

No - 50%                                          


Is it important that the community step up and save the Jacoby Arts Center from closing?


Yes - 75%                                                  

No - 25%                                        


Have you ever gotten an autograph from somebody famous?


Yes - 83%                                                  

No- 17%


Michael Wacca, Stan Musial, Pete Rose, Crosby Stills Nash AND Young, Debbie Turner, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bruce Campbell, Milburn Stone, Muhammed Ali, and Jean Beliveau


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