Tax filing season is bringing some guidance from the Illinois Department of Revenue. Property tax is deductible from Illinois income tax, so if you bought a house last year, you’ll need some information as you fill out your return. “Because you paid property taxes, and you’ll get a credit for that on your Illinois taxes, but you’re going to need to pull the paper work so that you have the (property) identification number that you can plug into your return,” says Department of Revenue spokesman Sue Hofer.
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Also if you’re in a civil union, you and your partner will have to file your federal returns separately, but the state has a form that consolidates information for both taxpayers and allows them to file as a married couple in Illinois.  Hofer says 80 percent of state returns are now filed electronically. It results in fewer mistakes, and it gets refunds issued faster – two weeks electronically vs. months with a paper return and a paper check. Hofer says the state has already distributed $58 million in refunds to this year’s early birds.
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