Two Democratic state lawmakers say they’re concerned about what will happen to the state’s residential facilities for veterans and the disabled if Bruce Rauner is elected governor.  After revelations that nursing homes Rauner owned faced legal judgments and disciplinary action for substandard care and living conditions, State Sen. Heather Steans (D-Chicago) says she’s concerned about what he would do with state facilities.
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“The Quinn Administration very bravely has come out and said they would support keeping the tax revenues in place because of issues like this.  We need to be investing in things like education and things like making sure we’re taking care of the most vulnerable.  We haven’t heard a whole lot about what the Rauner Administration would do on that.  That gives me great concern,” she said.
The state has closed residential facilities for developmentally disabled individuals in Jacksonville and Tinley Park, but still operates seven (including the Murray Developmental Center in Centralia that is scheduled to close, but is involved in litigation). The state also operates four veterans’ homes.
The Rauner campaign says there have been incidents of poor care in state facilities with Pat Quinn as governor.  State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago) says that’s true, but the governor has always then taken action to correct problems.
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