State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington)State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), a candidate for governor, says lawmakers will have to craft a plan to keep Archer Daniels Midland from moving its headquarters out of Illinois.  Brady says the governor’s insistence on passing pension reform before considering any tax breaks for ADM won’t do it. “Populism will fade when reality sets in and reality is starting to set in,” Brady said. “The governor tying this (to pension reform) puts at risk losing a major influence on the state of Illinois.”
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Brady didn’t say what his proposal would entail, but did say Illinois’ individual and corporate income taxes are too high.  ADM is requesting more than $20 million in state tax breaks.  Brady also says the governor is trying to deny gun owners of their rights by suggesting the state might not be equipped to handle all of the gun owner applications that are coming in because of the state’s new concealed carry law.
“In this age of computers and technology, it can easily be done with existing state resources. This is his excuse to delay implementation and avoid the law,” Brady said.  Illinois State Police estimate there will have 400,000 concealed carry permit applications for in the first year. The agency already has 49,000 applications for Firearm Owners Identification cards awaiting approval.
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