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1 Day, Magnitude 2.5+ Worldwide Earthquakes

37 Earthquakes

Izu Islands, Japan region

A 4.7 earthquake at 2017-08-19T08:14:58.920Z

44km E of Palmerston North, New Zealand

A 4.4 earthquake at 2017-08-19T07:39:36.560Z

97km SW of Chirikof Island, Alaska

A 4.3 earthquake at 2017-08-19T07:36:39.420Z

107km ENE of Hawaiian Beaches, Hawaii

A 4.1 earthquake at 2017-08-19T06:35:51.270Z

142km SSW of Satawal, Micronesia

A 4.9 earthquake at 2017-08-19T06:30:10.010Z

1km WSW of San Bartolome Milpas Altas, Guatemala

A 4.4 earthquake at 2017-08-19T05:42:17.620Z

99km SW of Huarmey, Peru

A 4.6 earthquake at 2017-08-19T03:22:31.680Z

267km E of Nord, Greenland

A 4.7 earthquake at 2017-08-19T03:16:03.330Z

254km SE of Lambasa, Fiji

A 6.4 earthquake at 2017-08-19T02:00:52.040Z

173km NNE of Dofa, Indonesia

A 4.3 earthquake at 2017-08-19T00:40:45.870Z

12km WNW of Mojave, CA

A 2.62 earthquake at 2017-08-18T23:57:25.250Z

15km W of Pawnee, Oklahoma

A 2.7 earthquake at 2017-08-18T21:54:10.390Z

279km S of Amahusu, Indonesia

A 5.5 earthquake at 2017-08-18T21:00:49.070Z

298km W of Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

A 5.1 earthquake at 2017-08-18T20:31:50.860Z

26km SW of Larsen Bay, Alaska

A 2.7 earthquake at 2017-08-18T20:26:58.243Z

50km N of Tierras Nuevas Poniente, Puerto Rico

A 4.8 earthquake at 2017-08-18T20:13:00.720Z

30km WSW of Ashkasham, Afghanistan

A 4.4 earthquake at 2017-08-18T19:53:12.090Z

12km SSW of Guanica, Puerto Rico

A 2.85 earthquake at 2017-08-18T19:06:53.740Z

171km E of Raoul Island, New Zealand

A 5.2 earthquake at 2017-08-18T18:52:24.560Z

13km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California

A 2.62 earthquake at 2017-08-18T15:44:40.730Z

North of Ascension Island

A 4.8 earthquake at 2017-08-18T15:35:55.950Z

31km E of Santa Rosa, New Mexico

A 2.8 earthquake at 2017-08-18T15:30:03.380Z

11km SSW of Guanica, Puerto Rico

A 2.65 earthquake at 2017-08-18T15:27:25.750Z

10km ENE of Portageville, Missouri

A 3.16 earthquake at 2017-08-18T15:18:21.090Z

South of the Fiji Islands

A 4.5 earthquake at 2017-08-18T15:16:57.710Z

34km SE of Bridgeport, California

A 2.45 earthquake at 2017-08-18T14:36:28.720Z

122km S of Taron, Papua New Guinea

A 4.5 earthquake at 2017-08-18T12:54:58.280Z

19km NNW of Datca, Turkey

A 4.2 earthquake at 2017-08-18T12:47:33.410Z

43km NE of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska

A 3.1 earthquake at 2017-08-18T11:44:46.785Z

128km NW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga

A 4.4 earthquake at 2017-08-18T11:01:22.840Z

202km SE of Chichi-shima, Japan

A 4.6 earthquake at 2017-08-18T10:53:51.210Z

39km NNW of Ash Shatrah, Iraq

A 4.7 earthquake at 2017-08-18T10:18:44.210Z

50km NNW of San Antonio, Puerto Rico

A 2.84 earthquake at 2017-08-18T09:52:08.100Z

50km NNW of San Antonio, Puerto Rico

A 2.81 earthquake at 2017-08-18T09:50:22.340Z

63km ENE of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska

A 3 earthquake at 2017-08-18T09:22:33.277Z

72km NE of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska

A 3.2 earthquake at 2017-08-18T09:22:33.036Z

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