A heat wave continues for the Riverbend.  Temps will soar above 90-degrees again today, according to the National Weather Service.  The heat poses a risk for health related illnesses.  People who work outside should drink plenty of water and wear lightweight, loose clothing to avoid heat strokes. 

Laura Fowler, a registered nurse at St. Anthony’s Health Center, says if you become dehydrated, you could experience dizziness, you are sweating profusely, and your skin is hot to the touch.

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At that point, symptoms could include nausea and vomiting, a rapid heartbeat, rapid, shallow breathing, and unconsciousness.  At this point, she says you cannot successfully treat yourself and a trip to the hospital is in order.  She reminds caffeine and alcohol can do more harm than good, and kids and the elderly are the most susceptible to heat related illness. 


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