The governor has gotten his flu shot, and is urging you to get yours.  Walgreens pharmacy manager Nancy Salman did the honors, and said the shots are now widely available, often covered by insurance or for a reasonable cash price, at Walgreens and other pharmacies.  “Through greater access to flu shots and other vaccines, we’re working to improve immunization rates in neighborhood communities across Illinois and nationwide,” she said before sticking the needle in the governor’s arm.
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The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that 784 people in Illinois were admitted to intensive care with the flu last flu season. The vaccine is not foolproof, but even if it fails to prevent the flu, it will make the effects milder.  The department recommends flu shots every year for those age 6 months and older.
“The great advances in American life expectancy over the last century have come from basic public health measures like getting a vaccination against the flu,” Gov. Pat Quinn said.
Unlike Ebola, which is hard to spread, the flu gets around through coughing or sneezing or by touching objects carrying the virus, such as phones and door knobs, and then touching your mouth or nose.
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