Our Daily Show! Ft. Alton Amphitheater, OSF Healthcare, Leo's Clubhouse, Richard Baird, and More!

May 26, 2023 | 628 views |
On this Friday in the heart of the Riverbend, we kick things off with Alton Amphitheater Chair- Dan Herkert! We are talking all about the summer lineup as it was announced this morning at 8 AM! Then at 9:30, we are joined by Richard Baird ahead of Memorial Day weekend. The 18th Annual Memorial Day Sunset Ceremony is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday in Alton's National Cemetery at 600 Pearl St. in Alton and Richard brings us the details on how we can be a part of it! Then we are joined by Leo's Clubhouse! Leo's is an almost open- Indoor playroom where children can use their imagination while interacting with other children! We get insights on the opening and how we can sign our little's up! Luis is in for another sports report and so much more! Heather Main is the stroke coordinator at OSF Saint Anthony’s, and Dr. Amer Alshekhlee is with SSM but works with OSF patients through the telestroke program. With May being Stroke Awareness Month we get their insights on how symptoms look, and ways we can help prevent strokes.