Name: Noah Anthony MooreParents: Nicholas Moore and Taylor Blaine of JerseyvilleBirth Weight: 6 lbs 9 ozBirth Length: 19 inchesDate: April 15, 2018Time: 1:24 p.m.Hospital: OSF St. Anthony'sSiblings: M...[Read More]
Name: Hunter Blake SteinlageParents: Blake Victor Steinlage and Kimberly Marie Silk of Saint Peters, MOBirth Weight: 7 lbs 5 ozBirth Length: 19.75 inchesDate: April 9, 2018Time: 4:51 p.m.Hospital: OSF...[Read More]
Name: Tidus Xander McAninchParents: Chris and Alicia McAninch of EdwardsvilleBirth Weight: 6 lbs 7 ozBirth Length: 19.5 inchesDate: April 4, 2018Time: 9:54Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings: Ximon ...[Read More]
Name: Ian Michael NorrisParents: Cody Norris and Chelsey Lott of JerseyvilleBirth Weight: 6 lbs 5 ozBirth Length: 19 inchesDate: April 2, 2018Time: 8:20 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings: Nola...[Read More]
Name: Eli Malik NorthParents: Edward Jamal North and Dasha Maria Skinner of GodfreyBirth Weight: 6 lbs 5 ozBirth Length: 19 inchesDate: April 3, 2018Time: 6:18 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSibling...[Read More]
Name: Christopher "Jack" PeipertParents: Jason and Katie (Albert) Peipert of AltonBirth Weight: 8 lbs 1 ozBirth Length: 20 inchesDate: April 2, 2018Time: 5:21 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sGrandpar...[Read More]
Name: Eleanor Sue SchmiegParents: Ryan & Erica (Cranmer) Schmieg of GodfreyBirth Weight: 7 lbs 4 ozBirth Length: 21 inchesDate: April 2, 2018Time: 9:21 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings: S...[Read More]
Name: Reed Christopher MitchellParents: Jacob and Michelle (Starbuck) Mitchell of BethaltoBirth Weight: 7 lbs 14 ozBirth Length: 20 inchesDate: March 28, 2018Time: 3:45 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony...[Read More]
Name: Alicia Unique JirdonMother: Romeshia Jirdon of Cottage HillsBirth Weight: 8 lb 9 ozBirth Length: 20 inchesDate: March 22, 2018Time: 8:01 a.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sGrandparents: Doris Smit...[Read More]
Name: Maverick NorrisParents: Cody Norris & Amber Long of KaneBirth Weight: 6 lbs 10 ozBirth Length: 21 inchesDate: March 19, 2018Time: 7:22 p.m.Hospital: OSF Saint Anthony'sSiblings: Remington No...[Read More]
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