Halloween Guide 2017
Name: Bryce Owen MarburgerParents: Amanda and Brent Marburger of East AltonBirth weight: 6 lbs 5 ozBirth Length: 19 inchesTime : 2:09 PMDate: October 6, 2017Hospital: OSF St. Anthony’sSibli...[Read More]
Name: Addilyn Leeana Marie GarrisonParents: Emily Duran and Bradley Garrison, Sr. of AltonBirth weight: 8 lbs 14 ozBirth Length: 20.5 inchesTime : 2:13 AMDate: October 5, 2017Hospital: OSF St. A...[Read More]
Name: Jamanson Philip BlackwellParents: Kati and Jacob Blackwell of HamburgBirth weight: 6 lbs 8 ozBirth Length: 19 inchesTime : 8:50 AMDate: September 29, 2017Hospital: OSF St. Anthony’...[Read More]
Name: Addalynn Brie MuscarellaParents: Ashley and Damon Muscarella of AltonBirth weight: 6 lbs 15 ozBirth Length: 20 inchesTime : 1:55 PMDate: September 29, 2017Hospital: OSF St. Anthony’...[Read More]
Name: Presley Ivan WestfallParents: Amanda Kelley and Matthew Westfall of GodfreyBirth weight: 5 lbs 7 ozBirth Length: 18 inchesTime : 1:27 PMDate: September 28, 2017Hospital: OSF St. Anthony...[Read More]
Name: Nora Lee HartnettParents: April N. and B. Jacob Hartnett of AltonBirth weight: 7 lbsBirth Length: 18 1/2 inches longTime : 12:45pmDate: Sunday October 1st 2017Hospital: Alton Memorial HospitalSi...[Read More]
Name: Harvey PeacherParents: Lauren and Alexander Peacher of BethaltoBirth weight: 7 lbs 11 ozBirth Length: 20.5 inchesTime : 4:19Date: September 17, 2017Hospital: OSF St. Anthony’sSibli...[Read More]
Name: Penelope Pearl PotterParents: Tyler Hantak and Jake Potter of East AltonBirth weight: 5 lbs 14 ozBirth Length: 18 inchesDate: September 15, 2017Hospital: OSF St. Anthony’sSiblings: ...[Read More]
Name: Raven Maria-Rose MottParents: Sarah Tidwell and Kevin Mott, Jr. of Cottage HillsBirth weight: 6 lbs 0 ozBirth Length: 18.5 inchesTime : 11:40 AMDate: September 12, 2017Hospital: OSF St. ...[Read More]
Name: Jack Raymond LowryParents: Tara and Jacob Lowry of Wood RiverBirth weight: 6 lbs 7 ozBirth Length: 19.5 inchesTime : 6:45 PMDate: September 11, 2017Hospital: OSF St. Anthony’sSibl...[Read More]
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