On April 5th, your sales tax may go up another 1% - and never come down.


School boards representing at least 51% of the student population in Madison County voted to petition the county board to schedule this election.   Edwardsville District 7 and Collinsville District 10 oppose this new tax.  We all want what is best for the children in our county as much as anyone.  But building new facilities will not solve our education issues. 


Many are saying this proposal will provide property tax abatement.  This may apply on occasion in select situations, but by and large it is a ruse.  Here are some reasons why we oppose this proposal:


  • This new tax will cost us approx. $20 million a year in NEW sales taxes!


  • School boards in Madison County could collectively bond up to $300 million for new school buildings (assuming 25 year bonds @ 4.5%).  If this passes, it could cost us $500 million (with interest) in taxes.


  • Each year local school boards could spend the annual sales tax receipts on even more new facilities, land, maintenance, architects, durable equipment and NOT cover the bond payments.


  • When the sales taxes are found "insufficient" the county will automatically levy your property taxes to make your school district's potential bond payments.


  • Illinois law calls these bonds "double-barrel" bonds.  They can get us with both barrels - sales taxes and property taxes.


  • Voters can authorize the tax but have no authority to repeal it, if they later see wasteful spending.  And the tax has NO expiration date!


  • If there are outstanding bonds that are relying on this sales tax revenue for payment, no one can repeal it, not even the county board.


The supporters of this tax intentionally placed it on the ballot for this April’s election, betting that you won’t go out and vote.


Make your voice heard and vote NO on APRIL 5th.


Paid for by Madison County Citizens for Sustainable Education

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