Welcome to the World of Summer-Splash!

This week, we've got, roughly, 14 more weeks of Summer, to make a big splash with  "Beach-Body" Fitness!" Let's make the most of it!!

Are ya game?

Interested in the 1st secret of "Beach-Body Fitness?

It's one of the secrets of looking great, confident, self-assured, positive body image & reveals about your level of fitness, coincidentally, no matter what you are wearing or doing!

Ya ready?

(Drum roll!)

The 1st "Beach-Body" secret is "POSTURE!"


What is POSTURE, anyway?

Good posture, basically, we're all familiar, is "the position in which your whole body is upright, in alignment, fighting gravity, while standing or sitting."

Nothing takes the place of good POSTURE!

Good POSTURE is underrated!

1st SPLASH-Fitness-Tip:
to Walk tall, stand tall, sit tall, exercise tall!

Elongate, stretch, expand your body evenly & keep breathing!
Use good POSTURE as a matter of habit & it will be rewarding, in numerous ways!!!

Honestly! No matter, pretty much!!
Whatever, what you are wearing at the pool, down on the river or at the beach, i. e., trunks, 1-piece, 2-piece bathing suit, skimpy bikini, wear it with confidence & good POSTURE!

The "look" of your POSTURE, is often times, is how others perceive you!
Your POSTURE is part of your "body language!"

Alright, posture isn't a new, wild or crazy term! But, often, we overlook what our posture is broadcasting about our self-image, to anybody bothering to notice!!

Plus, your posture is important for your body image & just how other's perceive you. And, fair or not, "perception is reality!"

Splash is tossing out the scale & body measurements!

Let's be bold, with our terrific POSTURE!

Just remember! Chest out, stomach pressing towards your spine,chin up & smile proudly; Defy gravity, with excellent POSTURE, in everything you do!

Be cognizant of your POSTURE while sleeping, too!
Rest easy, relaxed & enjoy being cozy & totally relaxed, in alignment!

MAKE a NOTE of COLLECTING: Every week, of Summer's Splash's "Beach-Body's SECRET-REVEALED!
Starting, right now,,Summer-Splash" series will reveal a Beach-Body secret, every week!
Stay tuned!

Just remember!
1st Beach-Body secret is POSTURE! Be bold with good POSTURE!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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