SPLASH! "Welcome to the World of Summer-Splash!

Let's dive in!

The 2nd Splash Beach-Body Secret is our SHOULDERS!

Beach-Body Fitness reveals, the importance of the symmetry and the healthy angle of our SHOULDERS!

The True-Secret-Reveals the appearance of a balanced, healthy looking, broad" SHOULDERED individual, demonstrating a terrific physique!

Along with good POSTURE, this makes a bold statement!

It's been suggested, by combining the first "2" Beach-Body Fitness Secrets, our bodies "will look leaner and look" up to ` 5 pounds thinner!"

Let's go for it!


"The SHOULDER is made up of three bones:
The CLAVICLE (the Collar bone), the SCAPULA (the Shoulder blade) and the HUMERUS ( Upper arm)."

"All considered part of the SHOULDER JOINT."

There are all kinds of SHOULDER exercise & SHOULDER workouts, with different claims, goals & benefits.

Develop your own routine, best suited for your body type!

Whatever you do, "use your full Range Of Motion!"

RECOMMENDATION: Get smarter developing a fitness program that works best for your entire body & be "Splash-Smart" about developing your SHOULDERS!!

Still interested? Read on!
Ask yourself, what is your body language broadcasting about the silhouette of your SHOULDERS?
And, be sure to ask yourself how to keep your SHOULDERS healthy?

Shoulder Fitness Routines:

Primarily with "Beach-Body Fitness" the purpose is to relax, release any tension that you may carry in your SHOULDERS, broadened & loosen the upper body; With both arms "reaching out" in every direction with: Full arm circles, forward & backward, alternate reaching upward, downward, also, in a controlled, synchronized fashion.

"Both sides, pressing, resisting, outward from the spinal column with each controlled & coordinated movement."

Take up to "30 minutes, every other day! Or, do what is best for your body type!

"Work both sides equally!"
"E - X - P - A - N - D!"
And, remember to "B - R - E - A - T - E!"

Fond of Swimming?

"Swimmers, usually, have terrific SHOULDERS!"
Swim some laps!


Make a bigger SPLASH, by working out on a rowing machine! Or, join a Rowing Team, this Summer!

NOTE: Remember to "shake it out" and "relax" afterwards, each workout!
And, stay hydrated!

The lighter, lesser, hand weights will, actually, build some muscle mass & give your SHOULDERS better muscle definition!
Limit any weight lifting routine, to "3 times a week!"

And, certainly, explore additional SHOULDER workouts!!

Discover what's best for your body!
You be the judge, based on results!

Want to tighten the flabby skin around the SHOULDER joint?
Try using those colorful elastic / plastic "bands!" These popular "bands" come in, different tensions! Start with the "easiest" tension. And, work your way up, as you see fit!
Follow the recommended guidelines!
It should strengthen & firm-up & elongate all the muscles "working!"

SUGGESTION: If you are not sure of what to do, it is highly recommended to work with a professional trainer!
And, as always, consult with your medical professionals, before starting any exercise program!
"Do not stress your joints!
"Take it slow & easy!"
Avoid injury!

Make a note of collecting, every week of Summer, Splash's Beach-Body Secret Revealed, all Summer!

Just remember!
The 2nd Beach-Body Secret is SHOULDERS! Maximize the benefits of your workout! Develop symmetrical, healthy sexy SHOULDERS!

Stay tuned!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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