Welcome to the World of Holiday-Splash!

Part One!


Planning & Goals for Cooking for a Large Family Gathering, this Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22!

You really wanting to have a large family gathering for Thanksgiving, this year? Are you serious?

Splash-Top 10 Tips:

1. Forget it!

2. I urge you to reconsider this idea, thinking only in your best interest!

3. Immediately start looking around for someone else to do the cooking!

4. Plan to visit relatives!

5. Start checking the newspapers for who's open! 

6. Start coughing & sneezing & see if a family member volunteers to do the cooking! 

7. Stop answering your phone, record a new greeting, put a note on your door & leave an old newspaper outside!

8. Tell everyone that you know, that you have just won a trip to Vegas for Thanksgiving Day!

9. Stop answering your E-Mails & text messages & set-up an auto-reply!

10. Go to the grocery store, right now & stock-up on frozen turkey TV dinners, a couple frozen pies, popcorn, candy, etc!

(You get the idea?)


Now! If you're still hell-bent on this stupid idea, let's, seriously, talk-turkey, next week!

Just kiddin', folks! Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday!

Stay tuned for Part Two!

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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