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"Let's Dissect the Ear Worm, together!"

It is reported that 98% of the world's population has experienced an intrusive "ear worm" at some point in their life; They bore into your brain, at almost any age!


Even the most unsuspected individual, is susceptible to contracting "ear worms!"

It's not anything like "bed bugs!"

So, what is an "ear worm?"

"Give up? Or, do you know?"

An "ear worm" is a nagging, persistent, song, melody, tune, or jingle that "gets stuck in the brain!"

Also, known as "Stuck song Syndrome!"

Now, you know! Right?

If not, read on!

Ear worms bore into your conscious mind & are relentless! The "tune" keeps repeating itself, over & over; Usually, only the first part of the melody!!

Nearly everyone, has dealt with this phenomenon, the "ear worm!"

Most likely, every composer, musician , band leader & music lover, has had countless "ear worms!

Gospel singers, pop singers, country singers, just name it!

Even folks that can't carry a tune, get "ear worms!"!

It's not always an unpleasant experience, either!

Suspect people who "hum or whistle!"

Reported popular "ear worms:"

"It's a small, small world, . . after all . . " theme song for the children's amusement ride at, Disney Land & Disney World!

"I'd love to be an Oscar Meyer wiener!"

Or, how about the theme song for "Mission Impossible!"

And, the theme song for the television show "Hawaii 5 - O!"

Or, "the jingle for Final Jeopardy?"

Honestly, who can't recall, at least one melody, that got stuck in your head?

Maybe, you're experiencing a "ear worm" right now?

Imagine, if one of these tunes "got stuck" in your brain for years?

Imagine that different generations, of "ear worms?"

Did "ear worms" exist before radio days?
Most probably!

Plus! "Ear worms" can be entertaining!

But, when the "tune" gets trapped in your brain, it can be a nuisance, too, for an extended amount of time, it is undoubtedly a nagging "ear worm!"

There is no known medical fix, no cure for the "ear worm!"!

Often, the "ear worm" just leaves, escapes, on it's own mysteriously!

Best advice, is just to "go with it!"

However, you can try dislodging an " ear worm" -- by, actually completing the tune, every note & word; Thus, solving the nagging puzzle in the brain!

Or, find another tune to confuse your conscious mind? These are only suggestion! There is no guarantee for relief!

Since, it's Baseball Season, wonder if folks are having an" ear worm" with the song "Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the park! Buy me a bag of . . . !"

"How does it go?"

Oops, sorry!

Don't want to give you an "ear worm!"

There is no substantiated evidence, that "ear worms" are contagious! But, who can be certain?

Best advice: Smile, breathe deep, relax & enjoy your "ear worms!"

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