SPLASH! Welcome Back to the World of Splash, with a "cool" Health-Tip, for the whole family!


We want to avoid injury! But, injuries do happen!

"Why are we supposed to ice an injury?"

Ice has been declared as the "best topical anti-inflammatory agent, pain reliever" and more!


Splash is hitting the highlights, for you, about good ole "frozen water, ice." And, it's healing powers!

What is "ICE" really good for?

"When the body is injured, it goes into protective mode by SWELLING, 
"Ice acts to slow the metabolism."

Another important reason to "ice" an injury, is because, once the "ice" is applied, it acts as an" analgesic; A numbing agent to block & numb pain impulses."

- Plus! After the "ice" is removed, the necessary blood & nutrients "rush in" to repair the damaged, injured area!

General Suggestion: "ICE-IT" for ` 15 minutes, 15 minutes off; Repeat, rest & elevate!

And, it's advisable to wrap the "ice-pack" in a towel or soft cloth!


"Ice" helps to heal: aches, pains, sprains, bruises, sore joints, muscles, tendons & ligaments & other major & certain minor injuries!

"Ice" can assists in the healing process!

Check into an "ICE-MASSAGE!" 
Apply "ice-packs "before a deep-tissue massage!"


This Splash Health-Tip is to advise us all, to have "ice packs" on hand, for the next injury!

You can be prepared, for the next injury, with commercial, ice packs.

Or, why not make your own "ice packs! Just, partially fill balloons with water & double-knot & place them in your freezer!

Have some fun with your kids & make colorful balloons, your "home made ice packs" sitting & waiting inside your freezer, for the next mishap! 

"Put a happy face on your balloon "ice packs!" 


AS ALWAYS! Consult with your medical professionals, "how to" appropriately to treat your major & minor injuries with ICE!


Experience the amazing powers of ice!


Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

Sources: "Even in Winter, Ice is your Friend" in Body Mechanics; Amazing Ice!

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