"Welcome to the World of Splash!"

"To bean or, not to bean?"

"Bean Trivia!

Kidney beans are a very good source of cholesterol lowering fiber, as other beans!

Additionally, beans are an excellent source to prevent sugar levels from rising too rapidly!"

There are 2 kinds of cholesterol: HDL is the good cholesterol & LDL is the bad cholesterol.

It's "heart-smart" to manage our cholesterol numbers!

It only takes a blood test!

NOTE! WARNING! Kidney beans can be "toxic" if eaten raw or under cooked!

Additionally, kidney beans come in different colors! Most commonly used in recipes is the "red" bean. That's what I've always seen & used!

I just learned that the "white kidney bean" - also known as the "cannellini bean" is considered far less toxic to our system!

Who knew?

If you are looking to lower your LDL cholesterol, as I am, the "magic bean" might well be, the white, cannellini bean!

Bet there are scads of tasty ways to "bean-it!"

Go get 'em!

Holly Fairfield

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