Welcome to the World of Springtime-Splash!

We've Got `13 Weeks of Spring to Get Splash-Fit!

Let's dive right in, to # 1 Goal: Let's catch up on our "Sleep!"

After all, with the recent time change, this Daylight-Savings, robbed us all of 1 Hour!

The extra sunlight is helpful. But, these first days of Spring have been brutal, weather-wise, disappointingly cloudy, chilly & uninvited!


Let's not overly complain! Rather, let's take advantage, benefit by getting some extra "sack time!"

Sleep is:
- Healing
- Renewing
- Replenishing
- Precious
- Necessary

We can be eating right, exercising, doing all the right stuff! But, if we aren't getting enough sleep, we are jeopardizing our chance for good health!

Let's unwind, relax & enjoy these valuable early days of Spring!

Tuck-in the kids, fluff-up the pillows & snuggle, earlier in the evening!

Just remember: 
# 1 Spring-Splash Goal, is to get enough Sleep, for your overall health!

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield

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