Welcome to the World of Spring-Splash!

This 9th week's Springtime-Splash hopes to communicate the vital importance of getting our bodies moving,, having a regular, fitness program, which should include Aerobic Exercises!

Aerobic exercises gets your heart pumping in an elevated "range" forcing oxygen into the lungs & throughout the body, pushing out toxins!

Highlighting Aerobic Exercise Benefits:

- Assists with improved Blood Pressure

- Assists with Weight Loss & Weight Management

- Increases Stamina, while Reducing Fatigue

- Conditions vital organs

- Reduces stress

- Boosts Neurological Activity

- Increases mobility!

"1 out of 3, in the United States, has high blood pressure, known as the silent killer, over the age of 18 & are at risk of developing chronic heart disease, at risk of heart attacks & strokes & other cardiovascular diseases."

There are absolutely no guarantees in life or guarantees of one's life span!!

Yet, there are documented physical, biological & psychological rewards of regular fitness programs, which involve Aerobic Exercises!

Splash-Recommendation: Work closely with a professional Trainer or Physical Therapist to learn the most recent facts about Aerobic Exercises.

Or, do your own research!

And develop a personalized fitness program to include Aerobic Exercises, benefiting the quality of your life!

Medical Caution: As always, consult with your medical team before committing to an Aerobic Fitness Program!

Just remember this 9th week's Spring-Splash goal!

Commit to a Fitness Program, which includes Aerobic Exercises!

"Game on! It's Your Call!"

Seize the Day!

Holly Fairfield


Sources: Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association, "Managing Blood Pressure"

National Center of Biological Information


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