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Let's continue going up the LEG, 1 Step at a time!!

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The 6th Splash Beach-Body Fitness -Secret reveals the vital recognition, the understanding & respect for our LOWER LEGS!

This specific LOWER section of our legs, which "bundles the SHIN bones: The TIBIA & the FIBULA, CALF muscle & numerous ligaments & tendons, represents the "CNEMIS" taking directly from ANATOMY 101. And, AKA, a strong "SHANK" is very important for our balance & mobility."

Plus! Ideally, what we desire is two well formed, & developed LOWER LEGS! Two healthy & fit looking limbs, equally shaped, symmetrically developed LOWER LEGS, for our Beach-Body's!
"Don't we?"

MEDICAL NOTE: The mere appearance of our LOWER LEG can be an indicator of our overall health. lack of proper development could be a sign of poor circulation, poor nutrition or another health issue; Whereas, enlargement, swelling, may be the need for immediate medical attention.
Take proper precautions! And, check any abnormal condition out, with your medical professionals!

Let's reveal several Splash Beach-Body Fitness-Secrets, for developing & maintaining great looking LOWER LEGS!

Want to?
Read on!

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Building muscle?

Skipping, Jumping rope, Ballet, Cycling, Walking, Sprinting & Horseback riding -- are a few suggestions.

And, don't shy away from using "leg weights" to build muscle on the front of the SHINS, while doing simple forward leg extensions, standing or sitting!

Esp., for the CALF muscle: Stand at a ballet bar, feet together or slightly apart, with straight legs:
To shape the back of the CALF muscle, use the ARCH of your feet, rising up to the balls of your feet; Move slowly, controlling the raising & lowering of both heels; Then, individually!
"Feel the CALF working!

Then, always stretch & shake it out!
Plus, hydrate!
That's important to avoid getting "sore muscles!"

- Challenge for the CALF muscle: Place a book under your heels & repeat this CALF muscle exercise!

This works terrifically, to build the LOWER LEG!!

Keep up a regimen of "stretching!"

Just remember! The 6th Splash Beach-Body Fitness is developing & maintaining healthy & sexy LOWER LEGS!
(Double whistle!)

Go get 'em!
Holly Fairfield

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