SIUE Student Launches Campaign to Travel to Temporarily Unknown Location

ROXANA, Ill.As children, we all have dreams about the future. Whether our visions are of how many children we will have, where we will live, or what exotic places we will travel to, we can all remember our limitless childhood aspirations. However, what we don’t envision is the long work hours, studying, meetings, and all of the everyday stresses that blur our youthful wishes.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville senior, Jeremy Diveley, is recently engaged, ready to graduate, and feeling more responsibilities beginning to pile on. Regardless of growing older, his childhood dream to spin a globe, point his finger, and travel to the very spot that it lands has never disappeared

Diveley recently launched his campaign, “Spin The Globe”, on the leading international funding website, His goal is to raise $9000 by March 8th and plan a journey that will encourage others to explore the world and act on their childhood wishes. Accompanied by his friend, Ed Womack, Diveley will create a YouTube series chronicling his experiences and commentary on his travel, including the initial spin of the globe that will determine his destination. Since he doesn’t know where he is going yet, once initial travel expenses are covered, he will purchase “perks”, a feature of that allows contributors to receive personal pieces of his journey.

Whether it is with darts on a large map, spinning a globe, or even arriving at the airport to buy a ticket for the next flight to anywhere, very few have actually done something so spontaneous. Take time to “Spin The Globe” with Jeremy and do something that you have always wanted to do. Please visit the “Spin The Globe” campaign website, and contribute anything from funds, to support.  Help a fellow man meet his goal; especially when his goal is to encourage you to reach yours.

About Jeremy

Jeremy Diveley is a senior history major at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He is an avid blogger and enjoys travel and learning about other cultures and ways of life. The link for his “Spin The Globe” campaign is



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