The region has been blessed through the winter season without any significant snowfall, but snow is expected Wednesday.

Weather Underground forecasts an 80 percent chance of snowfall on Wednesday in the Alton region and one inch of snow total. Joe Monroe, a public spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Transportation said he has heard there could be two to three inches of snow in some places near this area, which would have an impact on highways and roads.

Monroe’s recommendation is that people slow down and leave plenty of space for IDOT snowplows.

“During every event we have had an incident of someone hitting our snow plows,” Monroe said. “The plows typically are going well below the speed limit and when you have a plow sitting in front of a truck some 11 to 12 feet in length, people underestimate the front of the truck when they are passing and coming back in or other times, they run into the back of the truck.”

Monroe’s advice is people give snowplows plenty of room and the highways and interstates will be cleaned up a lot faster.

He also recommends people just use common sense when driving in these conditions and give themselves more time to commute to work.

“If the roads are bad, you can figure you can double your commute to work in a heartbeat,” he said. “Last year should have been very illustrative of winter driving. We are fortunate we haven’t had those types of events so far this year.”

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