Senior Renewal Changes Lives for the Better

ALTON, IL -- Many people – particularly older adults – get used to a certain way of life. That way often isn’t the best –but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Thanks to the excellent staff at Alton Memorial Hospital’s Center for Senior Renewal, life can take a dramatic turn for the better in your later years.

Tom Morgan, a retired music teacher from Carrollton, Ill., was under a psychiatrist’s care for depression for more than 20 years. After only a year at the Center for Senior Renewal, he was sold.

“I was helped by Senior Renewal more in one year than I had been with almost 25 years of medication,” Morgan said. “I was really impressed with everything. I had group sessions and also individual counseling. The group sessions were great, because the first thing that happened is they asked questions about answering phones or mail. Many people said they weren’t doing that anymore. Neither was I. Right then I knew I wasn’t the only one suffering from these problems and I didn’t feel so alone.”

Morgan admitted he wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but he got over that quickly.

“I was flabbergasted to be there because I didn’t know what it was about,” he said. “I had changed doctors and started seeing Dr. (Scott) Arbaugh. He got me to start coming to Senior Renewal right away.”

Dr. Arbaugh is the medical director for the AMH Center for Senior Renewal.

“Tom has been an active participant at Senior Renewal and an asset to other group members,” says Montana Brown, a therapist with Senior Renewal. “His hard work at overcoming obstacles has been an inspiration to others on his path to optimal mental health.”

Tom has taken the necessary steps to gain insight into his illness and develop healthy coping strategies,” says Cindy Rublaitis, another Senior Renewal therapist. “Tom has shown other group members kindness and caring while struggling with difficult events in his life. Tom is a pleasure to have in group therapy.”

Morgan said that he’s well past the point of “taking a lot of pills and walking around like a zombie. I’m able to play my music and do a lot of crafts. Everything is so much better now. It’s been a totally new experience.”


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