ALTON - Walk into the Jacoby Arts Center space transformed into a candlelit sanctuary to experience sound vibrations of Tibetan Bowls, Crystal and Alchemy Singing Bowls, a 32" Planetary gong, hand drum, bells and chimes.

This session, each participant will receive a take-home quartz crystal to use during the sound session.

This unique evening is designed to offer you EFFORTLESS RELAXATION as you take a journey inward and ease the mind, body & spirit with a special live sound “bath” of vibrations and soundings of healing frequencies.

Sound vibrations have an incredibly calming effect on the central nervous system and can offer you a wonderful feeling of deep calm, clarity and a state of *bliss*.

Curious? Join us!

What is a SOUNDBATH?

A ‘soundbath’ is an immersive experience of soothing tones and vibrations created by crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, and an array of other sounding instruments like the deep low hum of the large gong, bells, and chimes....all designed to help you take a journey inward for a unique experience.

Experiencing a live soundbath allows the entire BIOLOGY of your body to pick up the vibrations vs. listening on headphones from a digital sound file. Because EACH CELL in your body has receptors that actually pick up the frequencies....and that is powerful.

You will feel it deep in your body, deep in your mind and the soothing, yet abstract sounds will allow you to reach deeper states of relaxation, and one can come out of the experience feeling “re-tuned,” restored and rebalanced. You actually shift your biology from a lower density level from STRESS to a higher vibrational level that feels OPEN, CALM and BLISSFUL.

Sound healing can be traced back to about 40,000 thousand years and can be found in historical documents (Sanskrit) with the ancient Egyptians as well as writings about the Australian Aborigines. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras (c. 570 - c. 495 BC) , the "Father of Mathematics", utilized sound vibration to treat mind and body ailments.

Today, there is a resurgence all over the country and soundbaths are popping up everywhere...from high-end spas to your local yoga wellness studios to amazing venues like the Jacoby Arts Center!!

Our vision is to get it accessible to all so EVERYONE can experience the healing benefits of a beautiful modality that feels like a night out!! :)


Physically & Spiritually: Sound frequencies resonate with the body’s energy systems. It stimulates these centers, awakening them and releasing the storehouse of creative vital force that is waiting there to be discovered, giving listeners glimpses into the deepest aspects of themselves.

Mentally: This sound is so abstract, so unique that the human mind is unable to associate it with anything familiar, it has to surrender. In this state of ‘surrender’ the healing takes place, the stress is melted away, worries vanish, dreams of the heart rise up and you find yourself exploring deeper into parts of yourself.

***Medical studies report sound vibration has significant positive impacts with those struggling with anxiety, PTSS (ptsd), ADHD, depression, chronic pain, sleep issues and more. Even those in casts or with migraine headaches have achieved greater levels of pain relief and comfort.

A 20-minute relaxed state (in theta brain wave state) can be the equivalent to the most restful 8 hours of deep, restful sleep.

*No experience required. Simply lie back and feel effortless relaxation.

This event is suitable for kids ages 10+

Tickets include take home crystal: $40


- a yoga mat + blanket in which to lie on (hard floors)

- a light blanket to cover up

- and an eye cover (for a deeper experience)

- we have a few extra blankets that you can reserve at the time of RSVP by request!

The floors are concrete, so additional support is recommended if you are sensitive to hard surfaces (extra yoga mat or blanket to lie on for more comfort!)


Tickets include take home crystal: $40



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Sound Vibration is the Future of Medicine!

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A B O U T Lisa Grezlak, Creator SVOUND™

I am a healer, advocate, teacher and creator. I created SVOUND to promote the incredible healing Sound Vibration offers to provide RESTORATION and CALM for those struggling with any form of dis-ease in their lives. Our minds and bodies are meant to be in a state of total wellness. But in today's world, there is so much going against the balancing of our energy systems and people are suffering tremendously.
From an early age, I suffered with severe levels of anxiety and depression. As life progressed PTSD popped up, and a host of other emotional and physical issues. that were managed through medication and 'hiding'.
While visiting Sedona, AZ in 2016, I got an 'accidental' sound massage (as I thought I was getting a standard body massage). and that session changed my life forever. Today I am free from the physical and mental pain I lived with my entire life by incorporating sound vibration healing regularly. A whole new world of understanding ME has opened up and I can say that I have reclaimed the most important aspects of myself I never knew, and with gained healing.
Today, I am a Certified Sound Vibrational Practitioner, Trainer, Advocate, Transformation Mentor, and Retreat Facilitator offering Sound Vibration / Energy work and Education to individuals, groups, companies, and more.
I am excited to share with the world the emerging evidence that "The Future of Medicine is Sound Vibration" for all those who are seeking healing transformation!

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