The purpose of this report is to provide information and to aid in government transparency.

Tax Cycle Committee: I chaired the meeting October 16. 1. GIS System: The Tax Cycle Committee unanimously approved the Ordinance Amending Resolution Revising the Geographic Information System (GIS) Per Tile Fees which was unanimously approved by the County Board October 16. (1) The new fee schedule is fairer to “For Profit” organizations desiring access to all the tiles. 2. “Not for Profit” organizations can access information for free. 3. “Government Entities” desiring GPS information who partner with the county may also receive information for free. 4. All will sign “User Agreements” prohibiting the creation of derivatives. The county remains in control of the information preventing any legal liabilities from client use to the county. Many thanks to Chief Assessor Joe Dauderman and his Associate Fred Michael, and to, Mr. Jeff Ezra and Ms. Tanya Cook (State’s Attorney’s Office) for their assistance with this project. 2. New Recorder’s Fees New Recorder’s Fees went into effect September 23. Recorder staff reported a smooth transition that occasioned no complaints. The new fees help ensure the general fund levy (tax) doesn’t go up.

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Appointment to Board of Review: I advised Chairman Prenzler that an oversight in appointing a third person to the Board of Review in October would delay timely tax bills and the timely distribution of money to Madison County’s 465 Taxing Districts. To avoid this nightmare, I provided Chairman Prenzler three (3) possible suitable candidates. Chairman Prenzler chose Mr. Tony Manoogian, an assessor with 35 years’ experience the county board unanimously approved. The tax train will stay on time. (Oh joy!)

Law Enforcement Issues: I voted for the following Resolutions enabling people’s safety: (A) Intergovernmental Agreements of Madison County with Village of Godfrey, Alton School District 11, and Triad Community School District 2, (B) Purchase of Nine (9) Police Cruisers for Sheriff’s Department, and (C) Purchase of 65 Tasers for Sheriff’s Department.

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911 Emergency Telephone System Administrator (ETSA): We currently have an interim ETSA. Some wish to move towards a permanent one. The administration wants the County Board Chairman to become the appointing authority via a County Ordinance. However, it may be State Statute 50 ILCS 750/15.4 delegates this responsibility to the Emergency Telephone Systems Board. A county ordinance must follow state statute guidance. I’ve asked the State’s Attorney’s Office for a legal opinion to ensure the county remains within state statute and to avoid potential litigation costs an improper appointment may cause.

Respectfully submitted,

Phil Chapman

County Board District Three