Photo provided by Keith Teague and used with permission

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ALTON – Keith Teague, more famously known as Keith on da Beat, is a young man who said he is living his dreams at the age of 24.

If he looks familiar, it is because Teague has become ubiquitous around the Riverbend in recent months. He is the DJ at Bossanova Martini Lounge every Thursday night, will be the DJ at Alton's big send-off to the Small Business Revolution this Friday and still works the Monday night hip-hop show, called The Message, at WLCA 89.9 FM at Lewis and Clark Community College. Teague was a graduate of that school's radio program in 2017. Now, fans of Teague can also catch him on St. Louis's premiere Top 40 station: Z107.7 where he works the night shift, Monday through Friday from 12-5 a.m.

While working nights may seem arduous to most, Teague said he is genuinely living his dream.

“I'm only 24, and I'm already living my dream,” he said. “I don't know what else there is to do, but go up and expand further.”

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When Teague was only six or seven years old, he lived in Tennessee without cable. Because television reception is hard to muster in some parts of the nation, Teague said he got all his knowledge of current events and what's cool from the radio. In fact, he would call in every day to the point the on-air personalities considered him a regular and invited him into the studio. That, he said, is where his dreams were born.

So, to pursue those dreams, Teague enrolled in Lewis and Clark Community College under the tutelage of WLCA Station Manager and Lewis and Clark Mass Communications Department Head Mike Lemons to see what could be done with his passion and determination.

“Mike is great,” he said. “He's real with you. A lot of people just want to listen to your stuff and agree with you and tell you it's good. Mike is real with you, and that's what is needed in this industry.”

Teague also credits his dreams being fulfilled to his decision to associate with the sorts of people he wants to become. He said it is great to have a good mix of friends from all walks of life, but especially to be connected to people striving for and achieving the sorts of ambitions he has.

He still maintains his DJ service, and can be reached for anything from school dances to weddings to the send-off for the Small Business Revolution via his Facebook page.

On music, Teague said his first love is hip-hop, but is grateful for the expansion into other genres Top 40 radio has given him. He said when he does DJ work, he is not a hip-hop DJ or an alt-rock DJ or a country DJ. He said he likes to sprinkle in a bit of everything to make an event pop. He added his favorite musicians to watch are Bazzi and Yello Beezi.

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