WRIGHTS - Meteorologist Melissa Mainhart was part of a group of St. Louis National Weather Service team that surveyed tornado damage in Wrights, IL., on Tuesday morning.

Mainhart said the team determined the storm was an EF2 Tornado. EF stands for Enhanced Fujita scale which rates the intensity of tornadoes. An EF2 tornado consists of wind speeds of 111 to 135 mph.

“We went out to Wrights, IL., and found damage pretty consistent with an EF2 tornado,” she said. “Primarily, there were several farm outbuildings that were well-constructed and the damage we saw was consistent with an EF2 tornado with walls ripped off the foundation and total destruction of the building itself.”

Someone was in their truck inside one of the buildings when the building was damaged but was not injured, Mainhart said. She said the wind speed at the peak of the Wrights Tornado on Monday was estimated as a high of 115 MPHS at one peak.

The meteorologist also said it was good the area was not densely populated or there could have been injuries and other issues.

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