Residents around the region definitely heard or felt the loud boom just after 2 a.m. on Tuesday, June 8.

After a series of source calls Tuesday, a definite cause of the noise that shook the area could not be determined. The Madison County Sheriff's Office investigated the situation but could not determine a cause even after an investigation. The Rosewood Heights Fire Department was alerted of the boom but did not have a cause.

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The National Weather Service in St. Louis did not have any reports about the incident and they did a check that showed there was no earthquake activity in that vicinity said to be the Fosterburg, Rosewood Heights area. The Phillips 66 Wood River Refinery also did not have anything unusual to report at that time of the morning.

These are some assorted comments about the loud boom sent to after the story was published Tuesday afternoon:

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Kylinn Boyer said the following: "There was what seemed to be a loud explosion in the Godfrey/Alton/Cottage Hills/Rosewood Heights area. It shook people's homes and the boom was so loud it woke up our neighbors out of their sleep. I just wanted to give you a heads up!!! It was around 2:20 a.m. Our house shook so much that we legitimately thought it was an earthquake. Lasted like 3 seconds! I see so many people posting they felt it — but haven’t got any answers."

Nicholle Law said this: "I live in Bethalto and I heard that boom at 2:17 (noted it when I heard it). I also saw your article and knew then I wasn’t dreaming. My husband seems to think it might have been a sonic boom possibly from a jet. He heard similar as a child. Also to note….. Top Gun 2 is out and maybe a pilot had some fun. Still curious."

Brandon Tuey asked: "Could it have been a meteorite that exploded?"

Joy Stevens said she lives in the Glenwood mobile home subdivision and was awakened by the boom. She asked if anyone had checked with Hanley Industries off Seminary if something might have happened there.

Eloise Budde said she lives on Albers Lane in Bethalto and she heard the loud boom. "I thought something had hit my house," she said.

Cindy Avants asked: "Could it possibly have been a sonic boom from fighter jets? I know they broke the sound barrier coming in for the races, so I just thought it could be a possibility."
Sean Kalist said it was most likely a low-altitude fighter jet going "Mach."
Yvonne also mentioned that on Sunday, May 29, a loud boom happened near Seminary and Brown Streets in Alton.
"My neighbor and I texted each other," she said. "It was extremely loud."
If you have any other information about the loud boom from early Tuesday, e-mail and also contact the Madison County Sheriff's Office, who is conducting an investigation.