EDWARDSVILLE – Three men have filed suit in an effort to have their firearm identification cards restored.

Plaintiffs Danny Rauschkolb, Jeffrey B. Bridges, and Timothy Hartweger have named Gregory Hacker, chief of the Illinois State Police firearms services. Also named is State’s Attorney Thomas Haine, only in his official capacity and not accused of wrongdoing.

The suit states that Rauschkolb lost his license as a result of a pending felony charge. The charge was dismissed or otherwise resolved, the suit states.

He has asked for his license to be returned but to no avail, the suit states. The lack of action by the state police has violated his rights under the second and 14th amendments, Rauschkolb claims.

Bridges’ license was suspended as a result of a medical reaction to prescribed medication, resulting in a hospital stay of 72 hours, according to the suit.

He has no mental health problems and has not been found mentally defective, according to the suit. He is attempting to recover his pistols, which he can’t do without the license.

He has been attempting to appeal to the bureau since 2016, according to the filing. He is also claiming his second and 14th amendment rights have been violated.

Hartwegger’s license was suspended as a result of a pending order of protection, which has been resolved and is no longer in effect. The complaint alleges. He, too, is claiming his rights have been violated.

The plaintiffs are represented by Thomas Maag of Wood River.

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