EDWARDSVILLE – In response to the politically motivated non-binding referendums passed by the Republican led County Board tonight, Democrats are questioning the failed leadership of this administration and the hypocrisy of the proponents of these resolutions.

“This is just another election year ploy to distract voters from the Republican Party’s failed leadership and direction,” said Madison County Democratic Party Chair, Randy Harris. “The fact is, the Madison County Republicans have no accomplishments for the last 4-years, and have nothing to run on in 2020, so they are crafting purely political sham referendums to try to distract voters from 4-years of failure. Where was the outrage when Kurt Prenzler hired his campaign manager, a former county employee, at $95,000 per year?”

While the Republican controlled County Board brought up two non-binding referendums, COVID-19 cases in Madison County have skyrocketed, logging some of the most cases and some of the highest percentages of positive test results in all of Downstate Illinois.

Harris continued, “where are the Republicans’ plans to keep our county safe, what is this failed administration doing to ensure that we stop the spread of COVID-19?

Prenzler and the Republicans have failed all of us, they are playing politics when we need to be focused on stopping the spread of this disease.” District 16 County Board Member Chris Hankins questioned the timing and authenticity of the concern around these referendums, “It does seem interesting that only when Mr. McRae is running for Countywide office does he call out the “good old boy” system. I don’t remember his concern when Prenzler was hiring failed political cronies. Maybe it’s only a concern to him when he’s trying to score cheap political points.” Hankins continued, “Unlike the hiring that cost the County hundreds-of-thousands, none of these contracts benefit anyone on this board and, in fact, will save Madison County tens-of-thousands of dollars per year.”

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