Letter to the Editor:

On April 6, 2021, we are asking all Godfrey voters to vote for our dad, Kevin Botterbush, for Godfrey Village Clerk. As our dad, he has always encouraged us to do our very best and give back to our community. Kathleen is studying Biomedical Engineering and will start medical school in the Fall of 2022. KJ and Jonathan are studying Electrical Engineering and Pharmacy, respectively, and are both Eagle Scouts. In fact, their Eagle projects both benefitted Glazebrook Park, with mile markers along the walking path and the First Responders Memorial by the baseball diamonds. He had led us well, and we know he will do the same for Godfrey.

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We may be just a little biased in believing that he is the best man for the job. However, he has also taught us to learn about each political candidate and cast an educated and thoughtful vote.

All of the many other Letters to the Editor have covered his being an Eagle Scout, Real Estate Agent, and President of the Hayner Public Library District, but those are just titles and experience. What about the things you really want to know?

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Our dad should be the next Godfrey Village Clerk because:

  1. He has always lived in Godfrey and is 100% loyal to Godfrey. As they say, “It takes a Village”, and it was the Village of Godfrey who made him who he is. He has never left and never will.
  2. He is easy to work with but is not a “Yes Man”. He will help you in any way he possibly can, and he will work with the Village to keep moving Godfrey forward. That being said, if he truly believes that an idea put forth will do more harm than good, he will voice his concerns respectfully. If he gets his way, great. If not, he will not hold a grudge and will continue his job.
  3. He will not stir the pot, participate in dirty politics, spread rumors, talk out of both sides of his mouth, or publicly degrade whomever wins Mayor or Trustee during their term or the next election. The role of the Village Clerk is a political position by definition. As such, while he may support certain candidates, he will not publicly defame anyone, will not abuse his position, and will not use Village resources, business hours, or other governmental entities for his campaign or personal purposes. Regardless of who is elected or re-elected as Mayor or Village Trustee, he will work with them, not against them, for the sake of the Village.
  4. He considers you all his friends and will bring a much needed positive atmosphere of friendliness and respect to the office. We learned at a very young age that a trip to Schnucks or QT is never just an “in-and-out” job, because he will see people he knows and always stops to talk. As a local leader, the Village Clerk should be involved in the community, getting to know the people they serve. He is already active in many organizations and while it seems like he knows everyone, we know he is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you.
  5. He wants to know your ideas. We don’t know how many times someone has said, “I just wish the Village would do X or the Clerk’s Office would do Y” but they do not know how to get their voices heard. He will be the open ear we need in the Clerk’s Office, and a voice to the Village Board for all of Godfrey.

Thank you for your support of our dad, Kevin Botterbush, for Godfrey Village Clerk.

Kathleen, Jonathan, and K.J. Botterbush

Godfrey, IL

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