ALTON - Mac's In Downtown Alton is doing an abundance of work to promote its Mac's bar and restaurant and now the new convenience store and the upcoming opening soon of a new bar area. As part of the promotion swing, KSHE 95 graciously did one of their Partytown Parades on Friday morning.

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The parade started at 10 a.m., and Mac's opened early so everyone could eat, drink and start the weekend in style. The parade and Downtown Alton at Mac's were filled with cars and people, a solid way for business owners to start the weekend, Rob Lenhardt of Mac's, said.

"We have been in contact with KSHE for the past couple of weeks about doing something like this live on the radio," Rob Lenhardt said. "We want to get things to the next level and draw some of the Missouri crowd over. Every walk of life is here this morning. The Partytown Parades are on Fridays, draws a lot of people who haven't been to Downtown Alton before."

On Thursday night, Mac and Rob Lenhardt flew by helicopter into the Alton River Dragons field to deliver the opening pitch prior to the baseball game.

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"We are doing a lot to promote our additions," Rob Lenhardt said.


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