Here's what happened in the contested races in the three counties:

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Mike Morrow defeated long-term incumbent Mayor Rick Eberlin 216-176 to win the office in Grafton while Donna Smith defeated Joseph Chiappa 103-77 to win a full four-year term as first ward alderman. Peter Allen defeated Rob Hediger 93-87 to win an unexpired two-year term in the first ward, with other races being unopposed.

In Brighton, Matthew P. Kasten won over Thomas F. Mitchell 195-87 to win the village presidency, and in the Elsah Township race for Highway Commissioner, Glenn Ketter won over Russell "Rusty" Wittman 124-122. Hubert Croxford, Robert Cornelius, Norman Hoyt and Jacob Wells were the four candidates elected to seats on the Elsah Township Board of Trustees, with Croxford the leading vote-getter with 159, Cornelius had 156 and both Hoyt and Wells had 126 votes each. Teressa Heafner got 88 votes, Lori Smith had 85, Clemens E. Wendell had 82 and William McAnulty received 56 votes.

In English Township, Andrew Darr was elected Highway Commissioner over Michael Cope 86-24, while the Fidelity Township Highway Commissioner will be Pat Springman, who won over David M. Fritz 41-37. Amanda Heltsley was elected as Jersey Township Clerk 404-400 over Marci Collins, with the Piasa Township Supervisor race going to Ryan Kinder, who won over Charles Herring 281-213. Daniel Gray was elected Piasa Township Highway Commissioner, gathering 235 to win a three-candidate race, with Doug Beers getting 188 votes and Robert W. Eden 84 votes. William Huebner, Gary Schafer, Sheila Beers and David Rich were all elected to the township Board of Trustees in Piasa, with Huebner winning 349 votes, Schafer 318, Beers 278 and Rich 214 votes. Robert Sancamper was fifth with 212 votes and Donald Little was sixth with 168 votes.


Carrollton voters elected Michael A. Snyder as Mayor, defeating Joseph Montanez, Sr. 396-190, while Donna Nonneman was elected clerk over Vicki Jackson 336-242. Gary Neil Witt won an unexpired two-year term in the second ward of the Board of Aldermen, defeating Maria Cox 95-33. In a race for a two-year unexpired term in the third ward, John Banghart won over Tammy Isringhausen 148-126.

In races for the Greenfield Board of Alderman, Kari Aldefer won her first ward race over Robert Rives 38-32, while David Bishop won the race in the second ward 43-25 over Chris McMillen. Jeremy Conrad and Robert Costello ended in an 18-18 tie in the third ward, while Terry Plogger was right behind with 17 votes.

The Mayor in White Hall will be Brad Staats, who won a three-person race with 275 votes, defeating Derek M. Kleidon, who had 101 votes, and Phillip Shipley, who had 15 votes. David Meldrum won a full four-year term in the second ward for the Board of Aldermen, winning over DeWalin Painter 48-33, while Sue Vinyard won the third ward race over Shari Axley 75-50.

Alana M. Hallock was elected Supervisor of Athens Township, winning over Earlene A. Fox 17-15, and in the Roodhouse Township Board of Trustee race, Lyndell Winters, Rex Cox, Dale Coffman and Mark Miller were elected, with WInters receiving 84 votes, both Cox and Coffman getting 76 votes each and Miller winning 51 votes. The fifth place candidate was Burl "B.J." Hall, who received 35 votes.

The Rubicon Township Road Commissioner will be James G. Rich, a 43-21 winner over Steve Rives, Jr., while in Walkerville Township, the Road Commissioner will be Jacob Lawson, who won a three-way race with 43 votes, with Donald Sprong taking 27 votes and David Funk 10 votes. White Hall Township's Road Commissioner will be Eric Cox, who won with 216 votes, with Donald Smith receiving 156 votes and Andrew McEvers getting 70 votes.

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In Hillview village, Arthur Long was elected president with 21 votes, winning over Ray A. Newingham, who had 11 votes.


James F. Kelly was elected mayor of Benld, winning 192 votes to Lindsay Bearden's 114, while John Chapman won the race for mayor of Bunker Hill, defeating Betty Phelps 285-126. Rhonda K. Whitworth won the City Clerk position in Bunker Hill, defeating Julie Bennett 221-180, while voters elected Lisa M. Webb City Treasurer 213-185 over Tammy J. Orban. Julie West and Richard W. Girth II won election to the Board of Aldermen in the first ward, with West taking 88 votes and Girth 76. Deborah "Dey" Miller was third with 72 votes and Shaun A. Levers was fourth at 43. Chelsie Householder was elected to the Board from the second ward, winning over Alan D. Mize, Jr. 130-110.

Carlinville voters selected Sarah Oswald as mayor, Oswald receiving 649 votes to Beth Toon's 385. In the fourth ward aldermanic race, Victoria L Wagstaff won over Richard D. Brown II 91-60. Meanwhile, Gillespie's first ward voters elected Robert F. Fritz, Jr. to the Board of Aldermen 40=36 over Gerald Lee Dolliger, while the fourth ward voters selected Landon Nicholas Pettit to a full four-year term, defeating David Tucker 34-24.

The mayor of Girard will be Michael Todd Hatala, who won with 102 votes over write-in candidate Scott A. Thomas, who had 15 votes. Girard's second ward seat in the Board of Aldermen will be filled by Patrick Martin, a 28-19 winner over Lucas Conkling, while Craig Neuhaus won election as Staunton's mayor, winning over Christopher L. Birdsell 533-270. Ryan Machota will represent Staunton's third ward on the Board of Aldermen, winning his race over Randi L. Courtney 134-49, while Jeffrey D. Scanzoni won a full four-year term in the fourth ward, winning over Matthew McKee 134-42. In Virden, Carolynne Calloway won an unexpired two-year term to the Board of Aldermen's first ward, defeating Barry Hampton 63-16.

In Palmyra village, Scott McAdams, Gordon Probst and Kenny Abbott were elected to the Board of Trustees, with McAdams the leading vote-getter with 49, Probst had 42 votes and Abbott 34. James McMinn came in fourth with 14 votes. The Royal Lakes village Board of Trustees will have Blair Perry, David Taylor and Atlean WIlkerson serving the village, as all three were elected in an eight-candidate race. Perry was the leader with 31 votes, followed by Taylor with 25 votes and Wilkerson with 17. Harrison Cole, Jr. was fourth with 13 votes, followed by Shevella Huddleston with 12, Hernando Walker with eight votes, Christin Jones with seven and Tonya Stainback with five votes.

John Sorbie will be the president of Sawyerville Village, winning his race over Christopher Hicks 53-13. while John G. Ondo, Randy Ramseler and Candy Price will serve on the village's Board of Trustees. Ondo was the leader with 51 votes, Ramseler had 34 votes and Price had 32. Jesse King was fourth with 20 votes, and James Thompson fifth with 19 votes.

The Barr Township Highway Commissioner will be Bill Mundy, who gathered 53 votes to write-in candidate Keith Schramm's three votes, while the Bunker Hill Township Board of Trustees will have Justin R. Hamilton, Donald E. Moulton and Daniel B. Karnes serving. Hamilton was the leader with 387 votes, Moulton receiving 365 votes and Karnes 342. Steve Behrens was fourth with 278 votes, followed by William "Dubbie" Allen with 204 votes and Edward J. Weichbrodt had 188 votes.

Carlinville Township's Highway Commissioner will be Don Dugan, who won over Michelle Chingman 827-285, while Dolly Hinman will be the Chesterfield Township Supervisor, defeating John Dowland 48-33. In Honey Point Township, the Highway Commissioner Travis R. Millberg, a 42-23 winner over Connor Schmidt, while Hank Greenwalt, Mike Bitter, Kevin Niemann and Dennis E. Cline won election to the Honey Point Township Board of Trustees. Greenwalt led with 56 votes, while Bitter had 46 votes, Niemann 43 and Cline 36. The fifth place finisher was Rhinda L. Lybarger with 19 votes.

The Polk Township Clerk's office was won by Michelle Bruggemann, who defeated Margaret Eichen 79-50, while Brett Waters was elected Highway Commissioner over Stephen L. Eichen 81-52. The Highway Commissioner for Shaws Point Township will be Michael Featherstone, who won over Kevin Murphy 59-19, while Timothy Emery, Phillip Harms, Roger Anderson and James Ballinger were elected to the Shaws Point Board of Trustees. Emery won with 57 votes, Harms had 49 votes, Anderson had 45 votes and Ballinger had 39 votes. Ronald Freytag was fifth with 38 votes and Fuller Anderson was sixth with 35.

In Shipman Township, Kevin Albert, Anthony Reed, David Burns and Robert Egelhoff were elected to the Board of Trustees, with Albert the leading vote-getter with 120 votes, followed by Reed with 119, Burns with 114 and Egelhoff with 112. Greg Cottingham was fifth with 179 votes.

In the Bunker Hill Community Unit District 8 Board of Education race, Lindsey Marie Kahl, Jonathan Alan Burris and Brandon R. Rull won election to the board. Kahl led with 416 votes, with Burris next at 381 and Rull had 316 votes. Fourth place went to Shadow Collins with 286 votes, with John F. Bauer coming in fifth at 234 votes and Jamie Fryman was sixth with 154 votes. in the Gillespie Community Unit District 7 race, Dennis Tiburzi, Donald E. Dobrino and William L. Carter, Jr. were elected, with Tiburzi the leading vote-getter with 578 votes, Dobrino getting 547 votes and Carter 531. Christopher Hicks was fourth with 277 votes.

In the Staunton Community Unit Number 6 board race for a full four-year term, Poonam Jain, John J. Renner, Sr. and Michael T. Kessler were elected. Jain was the leader with 604 votes, Renner had 533 votes and Kessler won 433 votes. Emilee S. Schefke was fourth with 417 votes. In the Litchfield Library District Trustee election, Barbara Ellis, with 12 votes, and Mark York, with eight, were elected to the board, with Chris Daler coming in third with three votes. Finally, a proposal in Standard City village to reduce the Board of Trustees was approved by voters 15-10.

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