Madison County, IL – Poll results are out and show that Illinois State Bar Association members recommend Judge Clarence Harrison for the job of Madison County Circuit Judge while his opponent, John Barberis, received a rating of “Not Recommended”.

The ISBA Judicial Evaluations Committee rates candidates based on a comprehensive review of each candidate’s background and qualifications.  According to the Illinois State Bar Association website, the process includes a detailed questionnaire submitted by candidates providing professional and personal information. Committee investigators use the questionnaire to check the background and references of each candidate. Committee members then interview each candidate before recommending a rating to the full committee. 

The advisory poll was sent out to all ISBA members in the 3rd Circuit and, based on the responses, Judge Clarence Harrison was the overwhelming favorite.  Harrison received his highest rating, 97.35, in the category of Integrity which holds great meaning to him.  “For the attorneys that I serve daily to recognize my commitment to ethical conduct means so much to me.  Integrity and character are what a judge wants to be known for and this says I’m doing the right thing,” said Judge Harrison. 

Scores were as follows – Integrity: Harrison 97.35/Barberis 61.11 – Impartiality:  Harrison 92.59/Barberis 50.00 – Legal Ability:  Harrison 94.74/Barberis 23.33 – Temperament:  Harrison 95.74/Barberis 65.17 – Court Management:  Harrison 96.32/Barberis 34.48 – Health:  Harrison 98.41/Barberis 91.11 – Sensitivity:  Harrison 96.83/Barberis 69.32 – Meets Requirements of Office:  Harrison 93.16/Barberis 23.60 – Overall:  HARRISON – RECOMMENDED /  BARBERIS – NOT RECOMMENDED

For more information contact Chris Bonjean, ISBA Director of Member Communications (800) 678-4009 or Citizens for Clarence Harrison at (618) 531-1828. 


Kristen Poshard

Citizens for Clarence Harrison

(618) 531-1828

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